When The Ink Runs Dry All Is Lost

Monday, August 09, 2010

As you slipped away

I watched you slip away, I held you and cried.
I want you to know as we waited for you to slip away
We laughed at the things you use to do, we cried because you are leaving us
Your collar held four dog tags, We all now hold one close
We are still waiting for you to walk through the door
Sleep by are bed and have to move around you when we wake
Even Jack doesn’t really know what to do
We still call you as if we are looking for you, witch we are
We still call you for breakfast
I watched you slip away
I swear you were just sleeping and were going to come home with us
We all held you when you left and when all was done we held each other
We talked about how bossy you where how head strong you were
Home doesn’t feel right
One day is will, one day we will get a new dog
But you will be our only Max, no other will be you
As I watched you slip away I knew I would miss you
But I didn’t know it would be like this

Max, you are loved

You played with us in the snow you played with us in the sun
You bossed the kids around, you even bossed mom around
You were there through my heart aches
You were there through my best times
You saw us all graduate
You were are best friend
You raised three puppies, And let Madison crawl all over you
We slept on you we cuddled you we cried on you
In the end we waited and cried and said are good byes
You belonged to a family of six, and an extend family of fifteen
You were something special to all of us
You will always be more then just my dog
You were mom’s shadow, dad’s garage buddy, Adam’s playmate
And my best friend
You will be missed, you are loved.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Where I have never been

My favorite thing is to go where I have never been
Put my feet in the ocean just to know I’ve been there
Run my hand through the dirt on a mountain top just to know I’ve been there
Breath in the fresh air of a farm field just to know I’ve been there
Feel the rain in the forest just to know I’ve been there
To plot a direction on a map that makes no sense just to know I’ve been there
To go through every small town and find its beauty just to know I’ve been there
The places I have yet to be, an unmarked destination on a map
Awaiting my discovery, awaiting the beauty it holds.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


You are beautiful, you are wise
Words we share I still remember
You've always inspired me to be better
To look within and see the light and beauty I hold
I wish you could see the way all the girl you inspire see you
Strong, Beautiful, Independent.
You are amazing.
I'm glad I got to meet you

Monday, October 05, 2009

Till Dreams Come

Late Nights I stay awake tossing turning.
One day I'll get a hang off this night owl thing
But till then I'll steal my little moments with you
The moments I have when your asleep and grab for me
Kiss me, Both off in our own little worlds
But still the joy of you waking to kiss me well I toss and turn
I love you, You are mine and I'm keeping you ass long as you let me
Now I'll put down my pen and paper
Lay down my head and sleep
With your open arms waiting to hold me till dreams come

Good Night Daddy

With my flash light I hide under the covers to read
I poke my head out just enough to see your light on
I know you are still awake I can smell the cigarette smoke
In my over sized pajamas I sneak in to your room
You know I'm there but you don't say anything not yet
I get to where Max the big bad guard dog sleeps
You lean over and say "You couldn't sleep either?"
Laying on the floor with my head resting on max
I look up and I know you'll soon pick me up sit me on your lap
Tell me a story and wait for me to nod off
Now I'm older and I still know that late at night
I can find you sitting listen to old music with a dog at your feet
I know I can still come and see you when I cant sleep either
You are my night owl, and like we say I never mind being a
night owl... its the waking up early that really puts a crick in it.
I love you daddy.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More or Less

Feeling the weight of the world.
Trapped in this house I call a home
Expecting from myself much more then I can give
Trapped here by my own hand
Waiting to surpass what I am
But not knowing who I am
Fear grips my every move
Every day I wake wishing I wouldn’t
I’m never alone and I’m loved
Yet I feel emptiness inside
You see a woman in me
I see a lost little girl not knowing where to go
I feel the hand of another
His voice tells me it’ll be ok
You’re not the only one

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A look ahead

As I look in I see a wife defeated, by pain and suffering.
A husband stands a hollow form of what he once was,
too young to waste away to old to be young.
In his eyes I see the him he believes he is.
My father, the wisest, strongest man I know.
Now weak and crippled.
How I had hopes of him walking me down the aisle.
Now I sit at moms side. She is a shell of who she was with him.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Love in the second way

Would you love me if I was dressed up?
Would you love me if I hung on your every word?
Would you love me if I loved you?
Yes, but your still not asking the right question.
Whats the right question?
Do I love you everyday, even when you in your sweats and my old t-shirt?
Do you?
I do love you, and I would love you even if you didn't love me!

Love in one way

Would you love me if I wore make up?
Would you love me if I dressed girly?
I love you do you love me?
Would you love me if I was always there for you?
Would you love me if I hung on your every word?
It doesn't matter anymore
Do you love me or not
It doesn't matter I don't love you anymore


I've fallen
I thought I hit rock botton
Unseen in the moment I hit
I had fallen out of love with you
but I had found something
I found joy
I found you

I gave you my all

I gave you my love
I gave you my heart
I gave you my all
You through it all away
Now I look for the someone
The someone I use to be
Only to find
I changed